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VARGO® Makes E-Commerce Fulfillment Simple


VARGO®’s solutions are proven, real-time solutions that solve today’s complex distribution challenges. Warehouse fulfillment shouldn’t be complicated. Let us simplify the complex equations and generate results — as we have from the very beginning.

Only VARGO® can supercharge your fulfillment process with the power of COFE® — the first waveless Warehouse Execution System and most advanced in the industry today. COFE® was first developed in 1976 and has been successfully installed in many different distribution environments. Because it organizes and optimizes order fulfillment by sequencing and synchronizing work flow, COFE® generates record-breaking results.

Proven. Superior results for e-commerce, retail, wholesale and omnichannel customers.
Successful. Thirty percent-plus improvement in efficiency. Record-setting peaks.
Simple. Flexible, scalable and easy to use.