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In our white papers, VARGO® experts share their specialized knowledge from warehouse execution systems to e-commerce to system integration. Find the information you need to improve your distribution processes and make wise decisions. Please contact us with any questions regarding our white papers or other resources.

  • Goods-to-Person: A Solution to e-Fulfillment Labor Challenges?

    Are you faced with rising wages, difficulty in hiring labor and increased ecommerce demand? We have the solution! VARGO®’s goods-to-person solutions are the answer to these challenges. Our experts start with people, processes, and technology in mind to design solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We are heavily experienced in design along with real-world operators. … Continue reading

  • Emerging Trends in E-commerce Fulfillment

    E-commerce fulfillment requires more advanced systems and technologies to solve for the changes impacting the industry most: overloaded parcel carrier systems, shortage of labor and increased consumer demand for accurate, fast order delivery. … Continue reading

  • Roles of OEM, Integrator and Consultant

    For many who work in operations — no matter the industry — undergoing the large-scale retrofitting of an existing site or the construction of a new fulfillment center may come only once in a career. Operations professionals are not typically experts in supply chain network or facility design … Continue reading

  • Distinctions between a WMS, WCS and a WES

    Warehouse and inventory management systems have evolved a great deal since the days of paper inventory card tracking systems that predated computers. As a result of the evolution, the material handlings industry has categorized the various software platforms … Continue reading

  • Smarter Management of Multi-Brand Fulfillment in 3PLs

    Recent market conditions and growth are demanding distribution models and speeds that many retailers cannot handle in-house. More and more, this rise in consumer expectations coupled with the diversification in omnichannel fulfillment, has prompted a growing number of retailers … Continue reading

  • Optimizing Retail Put Systems

    Retail Fulfillment Operations Production fulfillment requirements often dictate the equipment and processes that are best suited to achieve the best production efficiency. Retail fulfillment, similar to direct-to-consumer distribution, is the delivery of large quantities of goods … Continue reading

  • Pioneering the Waveless Movement

    Our history of waveless and continuous flow processing is well documented from the features provided in deployed and proposed systems by VARGO® engineers(1). In fact, the history establishes VARGO® as the originators and subject matter experts in the increasingly popular terminology of “waveless” technology. Continue reading

  • COFE®: Intelligent DC Operations Management

    When visitors tour facilities powered by COFE®, they often ask us to take them to “the control room” or “master control room.” What they want to see is where and how operational decisions are made to manage the … Continue reading

  • Dedicated Omnichannel Fulfillment Centers

    The new era of omnichannel fulfillment is upon us—one inventory, one engine, one workforce. The convergence of channels is re-inventing how we think and how our distribution centers operate. The days of dedicated distribution and fulfillment centers is … Continue reading

  • Applying Lean Practices to a Distribution Process

    This paper addresses the benefits of applying real-time lean practices to quality, productivity, and capacity of distribution operations and the financial impact of those benefits on a distribution network. As applied to distribution, the three core values of … Continue reading

  • Demand Driven Fulfillment — Identifying Potential Benefits

    Demand Driven Fulfillment is a term describing the execution of the fulfillment process within the four walls of a distribution operation. The term was coined by AMR Research and describes the “how to” of lean processing in distribution … Continue reading

  • Demand Driven Execution

    Demand driven (adjective) Doing something when it is required, but not before that. (computing) Computing a result or reaction when the need arises, but not before that (“demand driven execution”). Over the past few years there has been … Continue reading

  • Introduction to Dynamic Optimization

    Usually you do not think of a distribution or fulfillment center as a place of “change and uncertainty”; however, consider the activities of the supervisors and managers. Consider yourself a supervisor as you arrive early to find the … Continue reading

  • Improving Wave Productivity

    The purpose of this paper is to bring to light some of less intuitive characteristics of waves and discuss the opportunities for improving wave productivity through better wave management. The initial thought in improving waves immediately comes to … Continue reading

  • Maximize Sorter Resources Through Dynamic Optimization

    Article sorting machines such as tilt-tray, cross-belt and bomb-bay sorters used for sorting individual items have two primary physical resources or features that ultimately determine their effectiveness in operations. Those physical resources are sort rate and the number … Continue reading

  • Put To Store Operations Using Dynamic Optimization

    Many retail distribution facilities use a technique commonly called a “put to store operation” or a “PTS” operation. These operations are characterized by: a process where product is bulk pulled from stock in containers, and then delivered to … Continue reading

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