The VARGO® Process: Fulfillment360™

The VARGO Process: Fulfillment360
From a project’s beginning to its end, VARGO® simplifies warehouse and fulfillment operations to reduce customers’ operating costs, and increase profitability, flexibility and processing speed.

VARGO®’s pull-based and waveless picking methodologies and its Continuous Order Fulfillment Engine (COFE®) solution make fulfillment a simple, highly effective, low-risk venture.

Warehouse fulfillment shouldn’t be complicated — with VARGO®, it’s not.

Our Model is Unmatched in the Industry

VARGO®’s five-step engagement process begins by researching a customer’s needs and ends with VARGO® applying its expertise to design customized material handling solutions, including the unmatched COFE® Warehouse Execution System software solution.


VARGO®’s team visits a customer’s site to gather information, understand the warehouse or fulfillment operation and identify needs, including hardware, equipment, software and controls necessary to meet a customer’s needs.


VARGO®’s expert engineers design an initial concept that meets the client’s objectives, product, budget, building constraints and volume.


VARGO® explores potential solutions and provides customer with an estimate of the most beneficial solution for their business.


VARGO® manages every aspect of the design and installation of a distribution center, including establishing project schedules and milestones.


VARGO® provides final plans and pricing and implements its warehouse control software solutions and controls to maximize speed and efficiency. VARGO® implements COFE®, an adaptable, customizable Warehouse Execution System that drives the process from end to end, breaking down the silos of systems and machines and optimizing workflow for efficiency or for expediency, depending on the need.

VARGO®’s solutions are unique to its customers’ needs and are proven, successful and simple. To see the power of COFE®, call us at 877.876.6384 or fill out our contact form for a demonstration.

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