VARGO® offers complete, turnkey e-commerce fulfillment and distribution solutions. We help our e-commerce customers implement a waveless, omnichannel order fulfillment process using waveless picking and pull-based methodologies.

We have experience implementing the following solutions for e-commerce customers:

Understand How the Omnichannel Fulfillment Process Works

omnichannel fulfillment process

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Traditional Distribution Methods Don’t Work for E-Commerce

Pick, pack and ship methodologies were not developed with the e-commerce customer in mind. Many companies continue to design, implement, and operate distribution center systems using the same tired principles of moving product in mass to gain efficiency. The problem is that e-commerce customers don’t order in masses. They order in small quantities and are very demanding. They want their order processed ahead of all others, and they want it picked and packed perfectly or they’ll place their next order with someone else.

COFE® for E-Commerce

COFE®, our Warehouse Execution System, is the power behind the e-commerce fulfillment revolution and is literally pulling the industry into its advanced waveless order fulfillment system. COFE®’s waveless process continuously assigns new orders to a revolving batch of work, which allows for more efficient use of personnel and equipment and eliminates downtime between order waves. By creating a continuous flow of work, COFE® provides a true, lean order fulfillment solution.

E-Commerce Case Studies

VARGO® has proven results in the e-commerce fulfillment industry, and we work with e-commerce businesses of all sizes <link to Customers page>. Read our e-commerce case studies:

Successful Solutions in eCommerce, Direct-To-Consumer Distribution

  • Engine Aftermarket – Gardner
  • Gifts – RedEnvelope Inc.

Fast Fashion West Coast Order Fulfillment Center

Growth in the customer’s direct-to-customer order volume resulted in extreme peaks in labor needs and difficulty to timely process customer orders during these times.

Download the full project sheet.

Mission Possible Order Fulfillment Center

Growth in the customer’s direct-to-customer order requirements resulted in tilt
tray sortation conveyor bottlenecks.

Download the full project sheet.

American Eagle Outfitters Distribution Center

AEO needed a new distribution center to meet the growing needs and flexibility of three of its business operations: American Eagle Direct,
Martin + Osa and aerie.

Download the full project sheet.

L.L. Bean Returns Processing Center

L.L. Bean’s Freeport, Maine returns processing center needed updating for increased capacity and a more worker-friendly environment, without shutting down operations for improvements.

Download the full project sheet.

RedEnvelope Inc.

Launched in 1999, RedEnvelope’s mission is to make gift giving—no matter what the occasion or circumstance—simple and fun. With its unique assortment of gifts, easy-to-use Web site and seasonal catalogs, the company offers a shopping experience that is inspired, modern and convenient.

As RedEnvelope’s business grew rapidly, the company realized it needed to upgrade its distribution process. Working with a consultant, it developed a specification and bid package for a new order fulfillment system. VARGO® was able to take the design, make strategic enhancements and was awarded the contract for a turnkey system, which included equipment, controls, software, installation and commissioning services.

VSP (Vision Service Plan)

Headquartered in Rancho Cordova, California, VSP provides eye-care benefit plans that range from comprehensive eye examinations and materials to complete medical and surgical eye care. The company’s Eastern Operation Center, located in Columbus, Ohio, opened in 2003 and houses its high-tech optical lab.

After VSP moved into the facility, the company found that it needed to store a massive number of shipping bins in a very small area and the existing building layout was not conducive to its manufacturing process. VARGO® engineers reconfigured the building and designed a system that lowered manufacturing costs by 18 percent, consolidated the bin storage area for 30,000 customers and saved 50 percent on the initial outlay of capital for the material handling system.

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