Industries Served

VARGO® has solved problems for several industries. We take the complex systems and equations and make them simple.

We provide material handling solutions to four main industries: e-commerce, wholesale, retail and manufacturing.

Whatever the need may be — material handling equipment, WES software, or system integration — businesses in these industries trust VARGO® with all of their material handling and order fulfillment needs.


VARGO® excels in e-commerce order fulfillment solutions. It has helped e-commerce businesses — from small startups to large retailers — get their product to the end consumer more quickly with COFE®. COFE® is VARGO®’s warehouse execution software (WES) that provides a waveless, omnichannel solution for e-commerce order fulfillment.


Wholesale companies trust VARGO® to get their product out of the warehouse faster. There’s no other choice when they see VARGO®’s proven results.


Retailers seek out VARGO® for material handling equipment, warehouse execution software and system integration capabilities and expertise.


VARGO® provides manufacturers with the tools to compete and win in a 21st Century economy. Manufacturing fulfillment can be complex, but VARGO® can provide the solution with highly optimized systems, groundbreaking software and control solutions, conveyors and related material handling technologies.

Find out how VARGO® can help your material handling and fulfillment:

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