Engineered Warehouse Storage Systems

VARGO® warehouse cabinets and shelving storage systems begin with a thorough analysis and result in turn-key solutions for top e-commerce and retail distributors. Not all product has the same shape, form and velocity of movement within the distribution center. VARGO® understands this. We also understand that each local jurisdiction has their own unique set of requirements when it comes to fire protection, lighting and employee safety.

We Take a Unique Approach to Engineering Warehouse Cabinets and Storage Systems

Our designs start with understanding your current business and planning for what the future may hold.

  • Review of your current storage
  • Order analysis to determine your product velocities
  • Business review of your desired “Days-On-Hand” strategy current and future state
  • Efficiency analysis to determine the best picking vs. reserve slotting strategy
  • Large install base to pull upon for experience in applying flow rack, pallet rack, static shelving system and many others
  • Ability to source and install storage systems with an impartial eye
  • An industry leader in providing many top e-commerce and retail leaders with turn-key solutions