Service and Support

Our material handling equipment service and support will keep your warehouse and distribution center running smoothly and efficiently 24/7/365.

24-Hour “Hot” Field Maintenance Support, Regardless of Equipment Provider

A technician is dispatched to perform on-site diagnosis and repair of equipment problems and failures.

Preventive Maintenance Programs and Activities

Routine preventive maintenance programs and functions ensure the highest available uptime of your equipment.

Mechanical Inspection & Repair

  • Drives, gear boxes, sprockets, bearings and chains
  • Belt tracking, alignment, repair, lacing and replacement
  • Cleaning and lubrication

Controls & Electrical

  • Inspection and troubleshooting of components, connections and conduit
  • Operational audit, diagnosis and adjustments

Modernization & Upgrades

  • Access current systems and provide recommendations for improving system uptime, system throughput, reducing maintenance costs and lowering energy costs.

Spare Parts Replacement

  • Repair and commissioning of spare parts.
  • Ongoing supply program for consumable parts.


  • On-site training for most material handling equipment.