Medium Activity

VARGO® can design systems and equipment to handle the needs of companies that generate a medium-sized order activity: 15,000 orders per day or 336,000 units per week.

We have the solution.

For customers with medium order activity, VARGO® can provide:

Engineered Material Handling Systems and Equipment

Fulfillment Center Systems Integration

Warehouse Execution System (WES)

Complete WES or COFE SaaS?

Companies with medium activity often wonder they should invest in a complete warehouse execution system or use COFE® Software as a Service (SaaS). This often depends on several factors.

Benefits of WES

COFE® is a powerful and customizable program that controls all the processes that take place inside a distribution center. Unlike traditional warehouse control software solutions, COFE®, with its radio frequency directed picking, can control your material handling equipment along with your devices, people and processes. It integrates and synchronizes your DC workers with the operation of the equipment. We offer a variety of modules that allow COFE® to be customized for your specific application.

  • Dynamic Labor Balancing
  • Sorting Machine Optimization
  • Next-Order Optimization
  • Revolving Batch Picking
  • Reporting & Management Tools

Benefits of COFE® SaaS

The “software as a service” (SaaS) pricing model allows smaller retailers to pay based on the number of orders processed, reducing the capital investment typically required to implement a Warehouse Execution System (WES). Smaller companies can experience the same efficiency-related benefits realized by larger distribution operations.

  • Enterprise-quality warehouse execution system technology
  • Minimal capital investment
  • Same efficiency-related benefits of COFE®
  • Customized technology that’s scalable with growth

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