Large Activity

VARGO® provides the best material handling equipment and system design to top retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and e-commerce businesses. When discussing order size, we define large activity as 125,000+ orders per day or 2.8 million units per week.

We have the solution.

For customers with large order activity, VARGO® can provide:

Warehouse Execution System (WES)

Engineered Material Handling Systems and Equipment

Fulfillment Center Systems Integration

The Power of COFE®

Large-activity companies greatly benefit from VARGO®’s COFE® Warehouse Execution System (WES) software. COFE® coordinates the workforce in an omnichannel facility by being able to see across the various warehouse systems and prioritize all orders across all sales channels so that the most time-sensitive orders are filled first. COFE® controls and synchronizes material handling equipment, devices, people and processes, increasing order-fulfillment speed and efficiency. VARGO® offers a variety of modules that allow COFE® to be customized for specific applications.

Material Handling Equipment

We provide our customers with a full selection of material handling equipment, technology and devices <link to Equipment page>. We start by assessing your needs and then partner with the most appropriate manufacturer to find the “right fit.”

Fulfillment Center Systems Integration

We design, implement and support our customers with custom warehouse, fulfillment and material handling equipment solutions. We provide hardware, equipment, software and controls, along with the expertise to oversee installation and staff training.

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