Modern Material Handling reports on VARGO®‘s distribution agreement with Knapp

The agreement includes the rights to market Knapp’s OSR Shuttle and other products.

Vargo, a leading provider of warehouse execution software, material-handling system integration and equipment solutions, has signed a distribution agreement with Knapp, a company specializing in highly automated equipment lines and solutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, Vargo has the rights to market Knapp’s OSR Shuttle and other Knapp products as part of Vargo’s solutions.

“We are proud to be able to add Knapp’s product lines in the fulfillment solutions that we propose and design for our clients,” said J. Michael Vargo, president of Vargo. “Being chosen by Knapp shows a growth in the breadth of technologies that we can offer our clients. Being able to integrate additional technology into our solutions for customers will help ensure economical and on-time delivery results for them.”

Vargo has developed Continuous Order Fulfillment Engine (COFE), a warehouse execution system that controls all work resources from machinery to associates and organizes, optimizes, sequences and synchronizes the work effort.

Originally posted on Modern Material Handling, March 31, 2017