NEW COFE™ Starter Kit from VARGO® Designed for Warehouse and Distribution Operations Processing as little as 2,000 Orders Per Day

HILLIARD, OH (January 21, 2013) – VARGO is now offering a Starter Kit version of its powerful COFE warehouse control system. COFE is an acronym for Continuous Order Fulfillment Engine and is the first warehouse control system that processes orders within a distribution center using a demand driven waveless approach. Available exclusively from VARGO, COFE is a modular, customizable program capable of directing not only material handling machines, but also devices, people and processes. It integrates and synchronizes direct-to-consumer DC workers with the operation of the equipment to pull orders through distribution centers.

The COFE Starter Kit is a fully functional base version of COFE, with the ability to integrate additional modules as needed. Modules may be added to integrate pick/put-to-lights, sortation systems, automated storage and retrieval systems, conveyors, additional RF users, and additional user licenses.

The Kit includes a fully functional demand driven order fulfillment system with COFE VIEW dashboarding and visualization, eight users by functional area (pick, assemble, pack and ship), and a streamlined implementation process.

It is designed for warehouse and distribution operations that process between as little as 2,000 orders per day, or approximately 44,000 units per week. The Starter Kit version allows these smaller operations to take advantage of the same efficiency related benefits as larger operations which have taken advantage of mechanizing some of their processes.