COFE™ Warehouse Control System Increases DC Efficiencies

HILLIARD, OH (January 21, 2013) COFE is an acronym for Continuous Order Fulfillment Engine and is the first warehouse control system that processes orders within a distribution center using a waveless approach. Available exclusively from VARGO®, COFE is a modular, customizable program capable of directing not only material handling machines, but also devices, people and processes. It integrates and synchronizes direct-to-consumer DC workers with the operation of the equipment to pull orders through your distribution center.

Most importantly, COFE processes orders without the premise of waves, wave management or waveologists. Ever-changing requirements and instant demands of consumers place extraordinary burdens on traditional wave-based distribution systems within a D2C operation, and continually expose the flaws of a “traditional” approach to handling D2C order fulfillment.

In a wave-based operation, the DC process is looked at as a linear progression of events with many stops and starts. Peak times and unexpected events are not handled well, and cause efficiency problems.

Conversely, in a waveless or continuous flow system made possible by COFE, all activity is handled in real time. COFE continually monitors ongoing operations and re-evaluates the actions necessary to meet the changing needs. Based on proven “lean” pull-based processes, COFE is an ideal fit for the Direct-to-Consumer distribution center. By pulling orders to completion, order cycle times and order priorities are easily managed systemically and do not require human intervention in most instances. Adjustments to labor, equipment and necessary work are handled dynamically. It’s a dynamic, adaptable approach, rather than a “best guess” planned approach that results in significant improvements to the DC operation and adjusts to the volatility of eCommerce order profiles.