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Vargo adds mobility, analytics modules to WES platform

By DC Velocity Staff

Warehouse execution software (WES) provider Vargo today said it has added two modules, one for mobility and the other for analytics, to its “Continuous Order Fulfillment Engine,” known as COFE.

The “COFE View Mobility” gives decision-makers access to real-time information about their distribution center operations without being tied to a desktop, laptop, or workstation, Hilliard, Ohio-based Vargo said. From any device, managers can set daily production goals and track performance against those goals by shift. The system will provide early warning on performance and production issues to give managers ample time to react, Vargo said. It also helps allocate appropriate labor resources based on production goals and will recommend resource reallocation, if necessary, using actual production rates, Vargo said.

Managers will also be able to turn equipment on and off from their device without having to return to a desktop or control room, Vargo said.

The “COFE View Analytics module” provides managers with all of the features of the Mobility package as well as the ability to measure, visualize, and manage operations in real time to a much more granular level. It also offers flexibility to build individual custom statistical and analytical reports, Vargo said.

The module allows decision-makers to view visual presentations of operational data in a more in-depth way, to drill deeper into data for more granular details, to track and evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs), and to develop online dashboards and visualizations to improve processes, Vargo said. This reduces the need to sift through multiple external reports as well as the need to export data from various systems into another application to build cross-system reports and analytics.

The two modules, which must be purchased as a package, are expected to be available either late in the second quarter or sometime in the third quarter, Vargo said.