VARGO® Upgrades Lead to Successful Peak for World Renown, High-End Fashion Retailer

HILLIARD, Ohio (May 12, 2022) VARGO®, a leading provider of material-handling systems integration, warehouse execution software and equipment solutions for major fulfillment and distribution centers, installs their Continuous Order Fulfillment Engine (COFE®) warehouse execution system (WES) in a world renown, high-end fashion retailer’s North Carolina fulfillment center to drastically improve peak records.

VARGO®’s COFE®, a WES that works in real time to organize, sequence and synchronize all warehouse resources —equipment, people and processes. COFE® is a waveless WES that enables continuous flow picking to minimize order cycle times, maximize efficiency and eliminate waves and buffers.

VARGO® implemented COFE® in the fashion retailer’s existing fulfillment center in North Carolina with minimal physical changes, which meant little operational disruption to the distribution center.

“COFE® improves efficiency and seamlessly manages expediency, which makes work more consistent though the operating day and makes peak season more efficient,” said Jeff Lammert, client executive, systems sales at VARGO®. “Using COFE® allowed the retailer to ship more orders faster than ever before.”

VARGO®’s solution improved flow throughout the building to allow the fashion retailer to consistently exceed previous peak records for multiple days. The retailer was able to reduce the duration of peak season, completing the peak by December 3, 2021. The peak was extremely successful, doubling the percentage of orders shipped within 24 hours and reducing one full day from the average click to ship cycle time.