VARGO® Designs Ship From Store Solution for Old Navy Store in Dallas

HILLIARD, Ohio (November 24, 2021) VARGO®, a leading material-handling systems integrator and provider of warehouse execution software (WES) for fulfillment operations, was selected by Old Navy to design a Ship From Store (SFS) solution for its store in Dallas, Texas, which will mimic Gap’s large fulfillment center features.

“In the Dallas, Texas store, we implemented VARGO®’s full-featured warehouse execution software  solution with only a few features activated to enable a micro fulfillment center in the store. Store employees are filling orders using the same user interfaces and functions as the large volume fulfillment centers making for a unified fulfillment engine for our client,” said Art Eldred, VARGO® client executive-system sales. “Employees pick product from the floor to ship store inventory from the closest possible geography to Old Navy’s customers”

Micro fulfillment sites preposition inventory across various sites to meet demand closer to the demand center, lowering order cycle times and transit expenses. VARGO®’s SFS solution creates a micro fulfillment site inside a store, mitigating the expenses of transportation and inventory carrying from a large distribution center located farther away from destinations. Creating micro fulfillment centers in existing stores also taps into the available labor markets, helping to mitigate labor concerns.

The solution includes VARGO®’s Continuous Order Fulfillment Engine (COFE®), a Warehouse Execution System (WES) that works in real time to organize, sequence and synchronize all warehouse resources — equipment, people and processes. COFE® is a waveless WES that enables continuous flow picking to minimize order cycle times, maximize efficiency and eliminate waves and buffers.

“VARGO®’s solutions are flexible and help retailers scale with expected and unexpected changes,” Eldred said. “SFS allows for quick fulfillment of e-commerce orders for both pickup and delivery.”